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Dead Man Prop

This is a very simple device that will help you fix Sheet Materials such as plasterboard to a ceiling without the need for a second pair of hands.

How to make one?

You need a couple of bits of 2x1" prepared timber. Cut the long one to the room height plus approx 50mm. Cut the second so it is approx 600mm long. Then stick a couple of screws through the middle of the short bit, into the end grain of the long bit, so you end up with a big "T".

How to use?

The prop is used as another hand to hold a board up. Its a fraction longer than floor to ceiling height, and it bends a bit to fit in position.

Offer the board up to the ceiling, and place the prop under the middle of the board. Now push the long length such that it nearly upright under the board - it will need to bend a little as it does this since it is a little longer than the room height. Sprung between floor and ceiling like this it will now hold the board in place. Spring it in lightly to start, then shift the position of the board until it is correctly located, you can spring it a little harder to hold the board firm for fixing.

Dead Man Prop

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