Install Bar Shower Valve - stud wall

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This article describes a method of installing a bar-type thermostatic shower mixer valve into a stud wall. The example shown uses flexible (polybutylene or PEX) plastic pipework but could be used with copper.

Other methods of installing this type of mixer valve are listed on the page

Make fittings as shown with:

  • 3/4" BSP male * 22mm solder fittings
  • 22mm * 15mm solder reducing fittings
  • 15mm solder * 1/2" BSP male fittings
  • 1/2"BSP * 15mm compression wall plate elbows (If copper pipe were used solder-type elbows could be used.)

Bar shower valve stud 01.jpg

Cut a piece of 18mm WBP ply to fit between studs of the wall. Make cutouts at 150mm spacing in the ply and screw the wall plate elbows to the wood.

Bar shower valve stud 02.jpg

Fix the board to the studs and connect the pipework to the elbows.

Bar shower valve stud 03.jpg Bar shower valve stud 04.jpg

Pressure test the pipework.

Bar shower valve stud 05.jpg

The wall can now be boarded over with the threaded tails protruding through holes in the board to the right depth for fitting to the shower valve after tiling. The gap between the tails and the board can be sealed with a suitable mastic, and/or sealant applied to the conical chromed bezels of the shower valve to prevent water running into the holes.

Bar shower valve stud 06.jpgBar shower valve stud 07.jpg

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