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*    Hedge Trimmer 450W
*    Hedge Trimmer 450W
*    Weed Eater 500W
*    Weed Eater 500W
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[[Appliance energy saving]]

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A quick guide to appliance power consumption

  • Blender 350W
  • Charger for mobile phone: 5-10W, apx zero when not charging
  • Clothes Dryer 2 - 3kW
  • Coffee Maker 800W
  • Computer + Monitor 100 - 400W
  • Dishwasher 1800 - 2800W
  • Dehumidifier: domestic around 200w, bigger ones around 400w.
  • Electric Blanket 200W
  • Electric Frying Pan 1200W
  • Electric single oven typically 1.8kW
  • Electric double oven could be upto about 4.8kW
  • Evaporative cooler (mobile type on castors) 65 to 200W
  • Fan, ceiling: 40-60w
  • Fan, desk: 20-30w
  • Fridge/Freezer 60w - 200W

Fridges typically have compressors driven by induction motors, and inrush current on those can be 5 to 9 times normal operating current. Add to that the older ones may have a relatively poor power factor which makes them harder for a generators to drive. A TV should be an "easier" load even if notionally the same power consumption.

  • Hair Dryer around 1000W
  • Heater: 60W tubular heater to 3kW heaters
  • Hifi: 200w max, mostly using far less
  • Iron around 1000W
  • Larger electric hob and possibly a set of ovens. Peak loads of 12kW would not be unrealistic - although obviously diversity would apply, and that will reduce the typical operating average load considerably.
  • Light Bulb 2W to 500W (LED candle lamp to halogen floodlight)
  • Laptop 30W to 90W
  • Microwave 800 - 1700W
  • Sewing Machine 50-100W
  • Shaver 15W
  • Shower, electric: 6-10kW. Old 3kW units also exist.
  • Television under 300W
  • Toaster 800 - 3100W
  • Vacuum Cleaner 600 - 1800W

900W is the EU enforced power limit for domestic vacuums now, although older machines of 1800W to 2kW are common. You can go as low as 160w with an upright Oreck. Much lower handheld vacs are of limited use

  • Washing Machine 2 to 2.5kW

Outdoor Power Tools:

  • Belt Sander 380W
  • Bench Saw 10" 1500W
  • Drill 200W (old) to 1kW
  • Electric Mower 1500W
  • Hedge Trimmer 450W
  • Weed Eater 500W

See also

Appliance energy saving