AutoBarrow AB1

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Bought from a small engineering firm in Tewskbury. This is an electric wheelbarrow with two front wheels and one central trailing wheel. Their web picture:-

I have been using an AB1 for several years. Very useful.

Initially you need to learn that balancing is the OPPOSITE of an ordinary wheel-barrow. You have to push DOWN on the handles rather than lift UP.

I have shifted a lot of earch and rock with mine. Two niggles: the balance is very sensitive, so if you go downhill you are in danger of nose-diving unless you lean heavily on the handles. And if you go uphill in wet conditions then the tractor-style V-tread tyres become an effective rotovator tool and dig you in. I'd have preferred annular tread tyres myself. For the same reason I wish the rear wheel was a little wider. I get stuck in the previous groove it cut.

But all taken, I use it a lot and am happy with it.