Central Heating Operation

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This article is about Central Heating systems using hot water as a heat-carrying medium. (Warm-air systems are sometimes found in the UK but their design and installation is not covered here. There is a discussion on updating existing warm-air systems here)

The article is about operating an existing, working central heating system.

There are separate articles about:

This article is a skeleton: the main points to be covered are listed but some or all still need to be expanded

Setting time and temperature controls

  • Programmer and room thermostat
    • check there is a room stat
    • check no other sources of heat or valves turned down in stat area
    • better to keep system running or turn up and down?
  • Programmable thermostat
    • fully programmable or set-back
    • optimum start (Honeywell issue)
  • combis with pre-heat

Setting Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

Setting manual radiator valves

Setting a system bypass

Balancing radiators

Bleeding a CH system

  • why? check for corrosion v. air & cause

Topping up a sealed system

  • why? check for how pressure being lost

Protecting system against frost when house empty