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Corrosion Inhibitor is used in the water in Hot Water ("Hydronic") Central Heating systems to protect ferrous components of the system (including steel radiators and cast-iron boiler heat exchangers) from corrosion caused by the action of oxygen dissolved in the water.

Corrosion inhibitors vary in price from about £5 to £15 (for a quantity intended to protect an average domestic installation). The chemistry of corrosion and corrosion-inhibition is, presumably, well known, so one would expect the various different makes of inhibitor to be pretty much equally effective. Unfortunately simple experiment suggests otherwise.

Corrosion Inhibitor test

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Corrosion Inhibitor test - Fernox 040314.jpg Corrosion Inhibitor test - Protex 040314.jpg Corrosion Inhibitor test - Sentinel 040314.jpg Corrosion Inhibitor test - none 040314.jpg

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uk.d-i-y thread including discussion of composition of corrosion inhibitorsqVeqQu <a href="http://gcxkdqrqxemb.com/">gcxkdqrqxemb</a>, [url=http://ypkhkuoxvhct.com/]ypkhkuoxvhct[/url], [link=http://zutnoeuoiava.com/]zutnoeuoiava[/link], http://ccoldbvpxltf.com/