Installing multipoint air conditioning (2)

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This is a project to separate the heating of the smaller upstairs bedrooms from the much larger downstairs living areas in a 6-bedroom detached house


A two-storey detached family house. Built in 1968, it has had roof insulation top-up and cavity fluff injection, but it is stil a big place to heat. There's no mains gas, the current central heating is from a Potterton Statesman 28kW oil-fired system boiler in an outhouse, actually a tiny lobby attached to the kitchen. The system is a standard 1960's design with separate water tanks in the loft for DHW and the CH radiators, a large hot water cylinder in the upstairs airing cupboard, a 3-way diverter valve and a programmer-timer for a 7-day cycle.

The kitchen sink never got hot water really. and nobody uses the bath, it's in a large cold room. Three power showers have been added as en-suite additions anyway. But two of the showers have pumps designed for a gravity-fed system so I can't remove the DHW tank and header without a lot of problems.

The living area is vast, open-plan, with big floor-to-ceiling windows in the style of that time. It needs four large radiators to heat it.