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model no...

  • Cast ali base
  • Turntable locks to prevent drift
  • Integral workpiece clamp
  • Very clean cuts from the --- blade
  • Cuts plastic & soft metals well too
  • Laser makes getting the timber in the right palce quick and easy
  • Mains powered laser, no batteries needed
  • Dust extraction port fairly useless, it clogs quickly
  • Low cost


  • Cheap & crappy
  • Plastic base bends as you put force on the workpiece to keep it still
  • No locks anywhere, all settings tend to drift over time
    • this can waste wood
  • No workpiece clamp
  • Blade tends to push workpiece sideways during cutting
  • Blade tends to burn the cut edge
  • Weak fence exploded violently during careful use
  • Good enough for work that wont be seen, sheds etc. With quite a bit of care it can give ok results for work on show, but its too easy to get cuts that are misaligned in every way.

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