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Whether you see it as a timeless classic or a quirky interior feature, the pocket door is the latest retro design to make a stunning comeback and offer new touches to bring it right up to date.

Homeowners and interior designers are increasingly incorporating the many benefits of the pocket door into homes of all shapes and sizes, and people are marvelling at their stunning new features and wondering where pocket doors have been all their lives.

How it works?

The humble pocket door doesn’t use hinges like a traditional swinging door, it is usually mounted above the doorframe on a sliding door track, which allows it to open by ‘disappearing’ into a recessed cavity in the wall, and there are many reasons why we are all suddenly discovering a new appreciation for the pocket door:

  • Space-saving: By fitting a pocket door to replace a traditional hinged door you could be creating an extra 10 square metres of space in a room, simply by not requiring the unobstructed quadrant of space that a hinged door needs. This is ideal for rooms where space is tight and can even open up opportunities to create an extra room or maybe an en-suite bathroom. A pocket door also creates wall space, because an open hinged door can create a shadow and partial blocking of a wall which can influence colours, patterns and artwork when considering interior design.
  • Versatile: The pocket door can be a straight replacement for a traditional hinged door but it does have other uses too. You can use a pocket door to partition off a room, or you can use it as a temporary door for adjoining rooms, such as between a dining room and kitchen, where you would normally utilise the door but when entertaining you can leave the door open to make two rooms into one. Using a glass pocket door can also create more natural light in a room.
  • Stylish and contemporary: Pocket doors come in a range of colours and styles that are sleek and minimalist, and the frameless pocket door is particularly elegant and streamlined.
  • Easy to install: The track and frame are simple to put together and the door can even be retro-fitted with a self-closing or soft-closing mechanism.

Pocket doors come in complete packages containing the door, frame, track, handle and jambs and using robust materials they are a maintenance-free design solution that usually comes with a guarantee. So the time has come to rediscover the pocket door and we know that you will never look back.


There a a number of door suppliers that now specialise in complete DIY installable kits.

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