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Rub-r-Slate is a low cost home made composite surfacing material suitable for floors, countertops, roofing tiles & panels.

Introduction to Rub-r-Slate

"Essentially Jack discovered that using asphalt (hot mix), OR Asphalt Emulsion (AE) mixed with clay, shredded cardboard and/or sawdust and other dry materials like sand, cement, plus some other additives, gave a hard wearing but extremely foot comfortable substance good for floors and roofing. It can be poured, troweled, rolled, sprayed, tamped, stamped and molded while still drying.

Jack even describes coating sheets of paper/cardboard with it to premake panels for laying as floor tiles, or wall surface. It can also be used for a damp proof course"

We haven't tried this stuff on uk.d-i-y yet.

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