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May I suggest renamimg this article something like "Washing Machine Cleaning" (or "Cleaning Washing Machines") since it's only tangentially about smells. (If there were an article like "what to do about X" and entry for X == "washing machine smells" would be a good place to link to this.)

--John Stumbles 14:12, 21 December 2006 (GMT)

Smells central or not?

I'm not understanding why you say its only tangentially about WM smells. Its normally smells that prompt people to look for help and realise their machine isnt as nice and clean as it appears.

OK suppose you had an article on repairing Central Heating Boilers: should it be called something like "Boiler Repairs" or "Boiler Not Working"? --John Stumbles 22:02, 21 December 2006 (GMT)

The difference I'm seeing is that when people have whiffs they dont even realise the machine needs fixing. They dont know if theyre using the wrong powder, wrong wash cycle, the machines gone wrong, theyve got a medical problem, or what. So theyre frequently not interested in looking at 'washing machine repairs.' The other thing is I titled it to help people with the problem get to the description of the solution as quickly and easily as poss. I dont see that as wrong. If we have a WM repair section later, it could include a link to this smells article.

(Reply) Fair enough I see what your intention is, though as long as the article contains the words 'washing machine smells' a user searching for that string should find it. (However a user searching for 'washing machine odours' or 'washing machine problems' won't, so you'd want to include those words in the text as well, anyway.) Whilst we have relatively few articles users might find the article by title, but as the wiki grows people will probably rely mainly on the search function. --John Stumbles 16:27, 22 December 2006 (GMT)