Tool Theft

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Tool theft is a problem. Here are some measures that can prevent it in some cases.

  • Burn your postcode into plastic handles very deeply using a soldering iron.
  • Dip tool handles into a tasteless and thus uncommon colour of gloss paint.
  • Use a 'no tools left on vehicle at night' sign.
  • Carry some very old, very tatty or cheapskate tools among your toolbox, and arrange so these are the most visible items.
  • Use a toolbox that suggests not enough money to buy a new box or good tools. It might for example be in visibly poor condition, or evidently repaired when most would buy a new one.
  • Use a UV visible marker to mark tools and other goods.
  • Display a neighbourhood watch sign in your window.
  • Display a 'goods security marked' sign in your window.
  • Record make, model & serial number of power tools, this increases chances of police recovery & successful prosecution.

Perhaps spread the tools out one sunny day and take a photograph of them with a digital camera.This might be a good method of remembering the usual content of the box?

  • Never leave tools unattended outdoors. It may be obvious, but it still happens, and is asking for trouble. Insurance is unlikely to pay out on such losses.
  • Bring your house security upto a good standard to discourage burglaries.
  • Avoid having expensive tools visible through the window from outside whereever they are being stored or used; be that your workshop, vehicle, or an unattended property.