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[http://www.jpbutler.demon.co.uk/joinery/notes.html#ogl Assorted Joinery Advice]
[http://www.jpbutler.demon.co.uk/joinery/notes.html#ogl Assorted Joinery Advice]
[http://www.thewoodhaven2.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3709 barrel shaped basets, bins etc]
[http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/casket.htm Caskets]
[http://www.vikinganswerlady.com/casket.htm Caskets]

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There is a large amount of good material already written about wood & woodwork. Here is some of it.

Wood types

Bendywood is hardwood treated to make it flexible to the point of somewhat floppy. Suitable for curved stair rails and futuristic architecture.

Info on various materials

Interesting timbers supplier

Pictures here of:

  • Spalted wood
  • Laminated exotic woods
  • Banksia nuts

Plywood larger than 8x4


600 wood sample pictures Identify wood & assist species choice

Wood Properties A-Z

Wood Species choices

Finishing & refinishing

Achieving a honey brown finish on Oak

Aging pine

Osmo Polyx Oil for wood floors

Restore an oak floor

Period property wood finishing guide


Wood Glossary

2nd fix carpentry

American trunks

Arched doorframe construction


Assorted Joinery Advice

barrel shaped basets, bins etc


Clear non-slip strip

Dry Rot & Chemical Treatments

Complete timber frames from old buildings available

Custom mouldings the easy way

Decking basics

Extreme veneering

Janka scale of Timber hardness

Joist dimensions

Knobs, easy to make wooden


Medieval Woodworking

Medieval Woodworking

Medieval Woodworking

Picture frames

Pocket hole joints

Sagulator calculates sag

Skirting joints - which way & why

Skirting, removable

Space saving staircase construction

Span Tables

Stair calculator

Stair Design

Stairs by Builder Bill

Strengths of various types of timber joint


Stump removal - the options

Superbeam software (not free)

Timber design tables

Toxic woods

Trestles, info on

Wood Floor fitting

Make a Wooden safe with working combination lock

Woodwork plans

Woodworm treatment

Wood turning on a metal lathe

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