Angle Grinder Woodwork Test

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This is just a quick test to see how easy/effective it is to do a roundover operation on wood using an abrasive flap disk in an angle grinder in place of the more traditional hand plane or router.

I Started with some well seasoned White Oak:


Put a 80 Grit flap disk in a small angle grinder:



And then made several passes along the edge with the disk. Doing several passes along the corner at about 45 degrees to put a bevel on it, then furhter passes as sharper and shallower: angles to feather out the corners into a pencil round.

The result:


Which struck me as adequate for some bench seating slats (which was what promoted the discussion). A final sand by hand with a foam sanding block will take out any marks left by the disk.

(with hindsight, 80g was nowhere near aggressive enough for white oak, which is an absolute pig to sand - 40g would have done the job more quickly!)