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A new capability on the UK DIY Wiki, is bulk file uploading. This is very handy of you need to upload a bunch of pictures in one go to illustrate an article.

New Toolbar

The WikiEditor toolbar is now supported whenever you enter the source editor:

New toolbar at the top of the basic source editor page. Note you will not see this when in the full Visual Editor

You can use the toolbar to assist with formating and editing, also uploading. You will note there is also a "Drop files here" panel.

You can now select one or more files on your desktop and drag and drop them on this target:

Sropping a selection of three files from Windows File Explorer.

Once you drop the files, they will be shown in a list ready for upload. Click the "Upload all files" to transfer them all.

Files ready for upload. Once complete there will be some additional options will be shown that will allow you to automatically insert them into your page in a number of different ways, should you want.