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Since the main FAQ is a traditional static web site, it can only be edited by the FAQ maintainer. So if you spot any problems with the main FAQ, or would like to make changes to it, or add articles etc, then please post details of the change to this article. The FAQ maintainer will then review and implement them for you.

Details of change / error


Wiring diagram for Sundial Y-Plan is incorrect - Consider the case where HW cylinder has attained temperature and the programmer subsequently removes the call for HW. With the published wiring, this would result in the boiler continuing to run!

I believe the correct wiring for the cylinder stat should be: C -> 6, 1 -> 8, 2 -> 7.

indeed, well spotted! We will get some new diagrams up there shortly! --John Rumm 22:16, 26 November 2009 (UTC)