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My main objective in doing this project was to use up some leftover pieces of wood. The wood at hand consisted of some 2 x 2 inch, a 4 x 4 fence post, 3 x 2 railing from a fence and some old bed slats. The design was therefore constructed from what I had available.


Building the table top

I decided on an octagonal shape using the 2x2 timber with an approximate `diameter` for the octaganol and then used an on-line calculator to determine the length of each side. Before cutting to size I used a circular saw to cut out a shoulder which would allow the slats to sit flush with the octagonal frame.

Using a chop saw set at 22.5° the angles required to form the octagon, as there were 8 sides this would be 22.5° for each angle. These were glued and screwed together.

Next I added a cross frame to support the table top and for attaching to the top of the plinth using a simple cross halving joint. I addition I attached blocks of wood at each of the internal octagonal joints to add some strength (screwed and glued)


Slat top B.jpg

Building the plinth and base

For the plinth I used a piece of 4 x 4” fence post and for the base 2 pieces of 3 x 2”. I made a half lap joint for the legs and the table top support and at the base and top of the plinth I cut a pair of perpendicular bridal joints.




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