Overcabled Socket

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Some options to sort out a socket crammed with 4 T&E cables, 2 for the ring and 2 spurs.

Use the existing recessed pattress as a junction box with choc block connectors. Fit a surface mount pattress on top of the existing recessed one. Washers are needed wth the screws fixing the new pattress to the old. Refit the socket.

Use a shallow depth socket to give a bit more room for wires & connectors.

Use crimps to extend any wires too short

Add a 2nd socket beside the existing one. Now one of the spurs can be moved to the new socket, leaving 3 cables for the original socket.

Turn the existing socket into a junction box with choc blocks, and fit a blanking plate.

Persevere and get all 4 cables into the existing socket. Stripping off the outer pvc insulation the full length helps a lot.

Fit a 3 or 4 way socket over the existing pattress, of the type that is designed to fit onto an existing double socket pattress. This will give enough space behind for all the choc block connections.

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