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=Alternatives to Duct Tape=
=Alternatives to Duct Tape=
* Other general purpose sticky tapes
* Other general purpose sticky [[tapes]]
* Carpet Tape
* [[Tapes#Carpet Tape|Carpet Tape]]
* Self amalagamating tape
* [[Tapes#Amalgamating Tape|Self amalagamating tape
* String
* String
* Cable ties
* Cable ties
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* [[Tapes]]
* [[Tapes]]
* [[Fixings]]
* [[Fixings]]
=See Also=
=See Also=

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Duct tape is cloth reinforced rubber Adhesive tape. It has so many uses it belongs in any DIY toolbox.

Ironically the one use it is not ideal for is ductwork, as heat causes premature failure.

DIY Uses for Duct Tape

  • Temporary patching of leaking pipes at low pressure (ie not water at mains pressure)
  • Holding washing machine drain hose up high enough
  • Curing warts
  • Hold wires out the way
  • As electrical insulating tape
  • As a light duty hinge
  • Holding together cases, appliance housings etc
  • Fix upholstery in unseen areas
  • Fix and seal duct joints (not recommended)
  • Stick across rearside of a small plasterboard hole, apply a piece of card or plastic to block the hole, then fill the hole.
  • Covers sharp rusty edges eg on vehicles
  • Patch a leaking paddling pool
  • Attach a strip to the end of a stick to retrieve out of reach objects. Or get the stick stuck.
  • Attach a tool to a pole for high reach use
  • Remove splinters and cactus spikes: apply duct tape, pull off.
  • Repair cracked or broken plastic parts

Duct Tape Review

Screwfix 14470 unbranded was criticised for inadequate strength and for the backing fabric being weaker than the adhesive, both of which caused it to break up during application and removal. It also failed in one wet application, though was fine in another.

Jewsons own brand was described as not very sticky.

Duck brand cloth tape, Screwfix 95505 grey, 24428 black, waterproof

Duck brand 'power' tape, Screwfix 58451 orange, 84155 white, 63959 clear and 84740 black.

Duck tape 'was excellent, sticky and easy to peel off at the end of the day.' (But which one I dont know.)

Carpet tape (double sided fibre reinforced) was recommended.

TLC Gaffa tape was recommended as very sticky.

Self-amalgamating tape was recommended as better for apps where the tape needs to stick to itself, but no use for when the tape has to stick to other things instead.

See review thread in full

Alternatives to Duct Tape

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