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There are many ways to get rid of flies in the house.


Ultraviolet Fly Killers

These use UV tubes to attract the flies, and a pair of electrified grids to fry them. Effective, and standard equipment in most catering premises.

Insects usually have a good wander round before going to the zapper, so they work but don't eliminate insects completely. No effect on non-flying insects.

Never use the wrong type of UV tube in these.

The grids need periodic brushing clean, as dead flies can short them out.

Blue-violet Fly Killers

These are cheaper imitations of the above UV killers, but they use a blue or violet filament lamp & low grid power. Ineffective.

Halogen Fly Killers

DIY bug fryers may be made using a low power halogen lamp for insect attraction, a cockcroft-walton multiplier to produce high voltage, and wires for flykilling. A zero volt grid should be used at the front for touch protection.

Slow Release Insecticide

These small low cost boxes contain a gel block that slowly releases insecticide vapour over a couple of months. Vapona is a well known brand. These are very effective at killing flies.

Some contain dichlorvos, an organophosphate insecticide that also kills fleas.

A very effective fly control strategy, but ineffective if windows are left open.

Fly Spray

Brief duration, ongoing hassle, gets insecticide on hands and food preparation surfaces.

Manual Methods

Swatters, vacuum cleaner etc

  • Require far too much labour to be practical.

Sash Windows

Opening a sash window half an inch at the top gives insects a way out. Insects fly upward towards light to try to escape, so this offers quick easy escape and helps keep the numbers down.

Sticky Fly Paper

These are sticky paper rolls hung from the ceiling. Effective, disgusting & cheap.

Venus Fly Traps

Some people find these plants effective. Water them with rain, not tap water.


Fine mesh cloth screens closely fitted over open windows deny insects entry.

Plastic tape curtains over open doors keep insects out, though they are less than fashionable.


Paraffin wiped around window frames repels insects considering entering the property. Monthly reapplication needed.

Clean up

Frequent checking of fridge & cupboard contents ensures deteriorating items are disposed of promptly, avoiding any items that attract insets.

If any buildup of spoiled food occurs anywhere in the kitchen, or elsewhere, flies are attracted. Overlooked buildup is sometimes the cause of fly problems.

Frequent cleaning of bins avoids any smell build up, which attracts insects.

Dirty floors also attract insects. Although we may not smell the film of dirt, insects can.

Fix any leaks. Sources of water encourage insects to move in permanently.


Citronella candles

Citronella candles repel insects.

Yellow lighting

Yellow lighting attracts insects less than white light.

Insect repellant

Insect repellant reduces biting.

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