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There are 2 types of TV aerial plug, Belling Lee connectors and F connectors.

Belling Lee

Belling Lee plug & socket
Belling Lee socket

Belling Lee connectors (now aka IEC 61169-2) date from 1922, and have been popular for domestic TV use for many decades. However they cause significant distortion at satellite frequencies and can affect digital TV reception, so F connectors are now becoming more popular.

How to fit. But note there is also another way to connect the inner wire that works well, and doesn't require soldering. The plug's centre pin is simply crimped onto the co-ax inner core with a pair of wire cutters. This crimp needs to be done as far away from the free end of the pin as practical, so the mis-shapen crimp doesn't go inside the mating socket.

variants, quality


F plug

F connectors date from the 1950s, and have the advantage that they're not likely to fall out or pull out. They also use less material than the Belling Lee plug.

How to fit

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