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Double Glazing Explanation

I think that there should be a little more explanation of what Double Glazing is; but not as much as there is in [1].

The clock which provides the time which follows (in this preview) is about ten minutes slow (someone delete that when it no longer applies).

Maybe "Double Glazing uses two window panes with gas or a vacuum between, to reduce heat transfer in comparison with Single Glazing." - with 'Double Glazing' linking to that Wikipedia page (which I cannot get right). -- John Stockton (talk) 19:01, 21 May 2020 (UTC)


And what are the units of R, expressed in SI? John Stockton (talk) 19:07, 21 May 2020 (UTC)

See this article for a fuller description. Some of these articles could do with a bit of integration and tidying up - possibly moving bits like that linked above into a separate article to then link to from all the others, or at least, updating most to point at whatever existing article has the most complete explanation on the subject. --John Rumm (talk) 20:24, 21 May 2020 (UTC)