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See Rainwater Harvesting & Use


See Category:Roofing


See article Guttering


Flooding due to weather and local geography is impractical to prevent, other than by buying elsewhere.

Houses prone to natural flooding may be fitted with easily washed floors and walls, such as ceramic tiles.

Basement flooding may be resolved with a sump & automatic pump, or in cases where the house is on a hill often by diverting ground water around the house.

Old washing machines are prone to Flooding caused by blockage of the water level sensor pipe by scale. Occasional machine descaling reduces the probability of this occurrence.


See Category:Damp


Watering of gardens encourages shallow root formation, leading to the need to water regularly. Thus minimising watering reduces the need for watering.

Perennials are much less likely to need watering after their first season than annuals. Annuals are always restricted to just one season's root growth.



Disposal of water next to the building is liable to result in damp problems. Water should be conducted several m away from a building before being disposed of in a soakaway.

Water Supplies



Wellwater should be tested and any deficiencies corrected before being used as potable water.

Problems with wellwater may include:

  • bacterial contamination
  • pesticide contamination
  • foul water contamination
  • high mineral levels, leading to deficiency of other minerals in humans & animals.


For harvest and use of rain, see Rainwater Harvesting & Use

Grey Water

Grey water is water that has been used once, excluding foul water.

Grey water may be used for toilet flushing to reduce water consumption by up to 50%. See Rainwater Harvesting & Use

To harvest heat from grey water, see Drain Heat Exchanger

Hot Water

See Category:Domestic Hot Water

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