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Although many of the contributors to this wiki and the associated uk.d-i-y newsgroup, and the DIY FAQ site have an impressive depth of knowledge, they cannot be held liable for any consequences that arise from the use of the information or advice they provide.

DIY can go wrong, with expensive or even dangerous consequences, and it therefore must be stressed that nothing should be attempted without applying common sense, and only if you are confident in your ability to carry out the job with safety (both your own and others'). You cannot expect articles here to include a complete list of possible pitfalls, although many may remind you of some of them. Remember that the advice has been given to you in good faith, free of charge. While articles try to give good advice, neither their accuracy or legality should be relied upon without further verification.

If you are unsure about anything then do please ask - you can do this on an article's Talk page, or by posting a question to the uk.d-i-y newsgroup. It is much less embarrassing than blowing yourself up or having your house collapsing around your ears.

Happy DIY-ing!