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This is a mine of information but a bit of a big wodge to digest.

  • Apart from adding my own £0.02'orth on Masonry & Universal bits I've tried to condense it a bit by bringing SDS under Masonry in general.
  • I think it's probabaly more useful to the DIYer to have an exposition on drills by purpose (Wood, Metal, Masonry) rather than, say, an alphabetic list of all known drill types. If someone wants to know, say, what is a Forstner bit then they'll probably use the Search function which should find it. From that POV they should probably find that it's a type of wood drill (or whatever).
  • Couldn't the article on superhard drill bits be a section within this one? Or maybe we should go the other way and break out say Masonry, Metal and Wood-cutting bits into their own sections? Or perhaps one article on types of drills and another on use, maintenance and repair of them? Maybe best to keep it all in one lump to start with and see which way makes sense to break it up as it grows.
  • We need something on holesaws and core drills. I could do something when/if the Round Tuits are available :-) We could also have something on drilling machines, particularly for core drilling.
  • NT - I've removed your attribution at the bottom of the page since
  1. it's no longer entirely your work (and I'm sure you wouldn't want to be blamed for my contributions :-)), and
  2. the History page ( shows attributions anyway.

--John Stumbles 13:05, 4 January 2007 (GMT)

Adding another section listing drill bits by purpose sounds like a good idea, though I dont think I'd vote for getting rid of the full listing as is, for learning all about the various bits available its ideal as it is. The present listing format also makes working on it easy, which is important imho.

Theres always the option to split articles down or conglomerate them. I've just tried to do things so the articles are presented to address common enquiries as well as possible. Wikis are about learning, and I think its important to make that learning easy. Presenting unnecessarily vast tracts seems to make the learning process much less successful. A common failing of scholarly articles imho, and why theyre often not as accessible learning-wise as they could be.

Be good to see an article on holesaws & core drills.

I've minorly tweaked the bit about SDS being needed for concrete, as lots of us drilled concrete without SDS successfully before sds came along - and sometimes after.

Also tried to clarify the description of sharp tct bits, as the design and principle of operation are different to sds masonry bits.

Hope its all another step forward. And that things change here so I no longer have so much time for this :) NT 14:35, 4 January 2007 (GMT)

Multi material bits

I noticed that you list the MM drill bits as being suitable for masonry without hammer action. The Bosch ones I have [1] are usable with or without hammer.

--John Rumm 11:23, 7 June 2007 (BST)