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Car, electric (EV)

Any UK design entrepreneurs thinking of making a prototype EV? here's my wish list.

Import the XEV Yoyo.

This is sold in Italy and its EU neighbours, not in UK.

It's a light 2-seat runabout selling for eu9,000 or under £10,000. It would suit me, if I could get one.

IT's a tube frame with a plastic shell sprayed around it by a huge 3D-printer in China, They ship the shell to Italy where they fit the guts.

They're looking for distributors. Ireland got listed recently, I emailed but got no response. Any UK dealerships possible?

Build a UK shopper's mini-car

I do dream designs sometimes. I only need a 1-person 1-door EV with a pillion seat behind for shopping or two small pre-teenage children. No great range or speed, it's a market and school taxi. Think wasp-head, think Huey chopper, clear dome front, one sliding door, swivel bucket seat which locks in two positions, rear lift hatch. Tube frame and printed panels llike the Yoyo. Thick false door panel on blind side with alrliner-style console in it for computer and navigation, minimal frontal instruments. Aircraft joystick steering. Put the front wheels inside the bubble, rear wheel drive from twin motors under the pillion platform. Size it about 90% of a standard hatchback, tiny cors look stupid. Use bigger wheels and wider track at rear and hide behind panels.

Motors and electric control modules are already available. I think Finland or Norway are leading on those for now.

Anybody got access to a big 3D printer and an engineering workshop? Take it to the Dragons.

Inject some realism into the UK market.

Tell Morris Commercial £60,000 for a light van is ridiculous. Get real or get a subsidy. Nice concept though, I'd buy one if it was volume-priced.