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Chop saws / Compound Mitre Saws

Saws with fixed pivoted cutting heads that cut with a plunging action only


  • Model no....
  • Cheap & crappy
  • Plastic base bends as you put force on the workpiece to keep it still
  • No locks anywhere, all settings tend to drift over time
    • this can waste wood
  • No workpiece clamp
  • Blade tends to push workpiece sideways during cutting
  • Blade tends to burn the cut edge
  • Weak fence exploded violently during careful use
  • Good enough for work that wont be seen, sheds etc. With quite a bit of care it can give ok results for work on show, but its too easy to get cuts that are misaligned in every way.


model no...

  • Cast ali base
  • Turntable locks to prevent drift
  • Integral workpiece clamp
  • Very clean cuts from the --- blade
  • Cuts plastic & soft metals well too
  • Laser makes getting the timber in the right place quick and easy
  • Mains powered laser, no batteries needed
  • Dust extraction port fairly useless, it clogs quickly
  • Low cost

Sliding Compound Mitre Saws

Saws mounted on slide rails, that can cut with a plunging action and a sliding action.



The largest of the Makita offerings with 12" blade giving over 4" depth of cut and over 12" cross cut capability. A High end tool with a price to match.

  • Cast ali construction - very substantial and heavy (23kg+)
  • Turntable can be locked at any angle, and has preset positions for commonly used angles
  • Angled motor to maximise tilt in both directions
  • Both axis marked with accurate scales
  • Trench cutting capability
  • Built in dust extraction bag that catches perhaps half of the dust
  • Cuts all timbers, composites, and soft alloys with standard TCT blade (60 tooth blade supplied)
  • Smooth and accurate mechanism
  • Soft start motor with electronic breaking
  • Some versions available with laser
  • Tool is large and requires a fair amount of space to setup and operate.


The slightly smaller version of above with 10" blade giving over 3" depth of cut and over 12" cross cut capability. This is the ideal cabinet makers saw with very high levels of refinement and accuracy, without being quite a s large as the 1214

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