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Silicone has several DIY uses, the main one being to seal gaps where a flexible waterproof seal is required.


  • Sealing gaps round baths, showers, windows, worktops,
  • Flexible moulds

Life Expectancy

Other sealants

  • Acrylic
  • Caulk


Silicone that does not dry out fully each day is prone to go mouldy, and mould is tough to remove from silicone.

Mould resistant silicones are available, but have not been found to prevent mould.


Applicators make getting the sealant neat much easier. They receive good reviews on news:uk.d-i-y.

  • Fugee
  • Fugenboy

Home made applicators can also be made from polypropylene. They neeed to be feathered to give a suitable profile.

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