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The Darwin Award is a prestigious award given to people who prevent their genes continuing in the gene pool by the most stupid actions possible.

The Darwin Award is often nominated to incautious DIYers who either die at the hands of their own stupidity, or do such extensive damage to their reproductive systems that all risk of passing on their idiot genes is eliminated. The man with the framing nailer springs to mind. The award also gives rise to the alternative meaning of DIY which is "Don't Injure Yourself".

If you have been nominated for a prestigious Darwin Award, consider yourself honoured to be chosen, and consider the rest of the world fortunate that your genes will never ever be passed on to another generation.

DIY Darwin Award Winners

The guy that made a floating mains extension lead, and was found using it in his pool.

More Award nominees somewhere on this site

The man that decided to make his own angle grinder. On first run the bench grinding disc spun up to 5x its rated speed and promptly exploded, killing him.

Electric Showers

We have a special section for electric shower users, as they do seem to attract the Darwin Award hopefuls.

Electrode Shower

Shower not hot enough

Darwin Award failures

Some folk try but fail...

the kettle

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