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House wiring

1 switch controls lights on 2 circuits

16th edition Guides online

Adding indicator lights to a light switch with no neutral Summary

Black gloop

Bathroom zones & IP ratings

Cable tracers, basic info & suppliers

Choice of cable for general LV wiring

Earlier editions of Wiring Matters

ELCB Test procedure

Electrical distribution in Delhi

Extension lead length limits what & why

French wiring, basic intro

Foreign sockets in UK houses

Green goo from cables

Green Goo article from page 10 onwards in the ESC magazine.

Hanging up leads

how not to wire a house

Who pays for Part P inspections page 11, section 1.26, or alternatively if you have a belligerent local authority!

Make a Leakage current measuring device

Life expectancy of electrical installations

Minimum distance of sockets from sink]

Plug-in Socket Testers

Ring circuit discussion

Sinking a pattress

Safety of RCDs and fridge freezers

Safety of lighting circuit with no earth

Threading a very long conduit

Undervoltage kills fridge freezers (part of this thread)

USB power sockets

Wiring Matters Magazine IET (formerly IEE) on-line publication

Working on service heads


2 way mains leads

Illegal unsafe mains plug

Remote controlling external speakers on TV

Shaded pole motors explained

Water washing electrical goods

Surge absorbers explained

Low voltage

(lower than mains)

Flat cat5 cable

Joule thief LED invertor

Phone line crackly or intermittent - Start here

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