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13A double socket.jpg BS 1361 Socket, 13A socket, electrical socket

Moulded and rewireable BS 1363 plugs.jpg BS 1361 Plug, 13A plug, mains plug

Formal spec for layout of BS1363 plug

IMAG3321-3 floor skt.jpg

Plugs, accessible 6104-3.jpg Plugs for disability. Spotted in a pharmacy for over £8 each

Dormansmith1.jpeg Dormansmith2.jpg Dormansmith3.jpg Dormansmith4.jpeg Dorman Smith round-pin plug with a cartridge fuse as the live pin.

PS there's no such thing as a plug socket.

Ring circuits

The ring circuits that supply domestic sockets are officially called "ring final circuits" but DIYers often use the terms ring circuits or ring mains and electricians often just use the term ring. (Lighting circuits aren't normally rings.)


The main difference between budget and quality brands is that while both begin life in spec, quality brands remain in spec over time.

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