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Pick your Scissors to optimise task performance

Scissor Types

Household Scissors

  • medium blades & medium handles
  • general household use

Wallpaper Scissors

Wallpaper scissors
  • long blades & short handles
  • fast low pressure cutting
  • lower blade forces reduce risk of injury

Bone Scissors

Bone scissors
  • short serrated blades, long handles,
  • very high cutting forces
  • tough enough to cut bone

Craft Scissors

Craft scissors
  • small blades, small handles
  • light duty use

Children's Scissors

  • craft scissors with wider rounded blade ends to reduce risk
  • low blade sharpness to reduce risk
  • cut felt & paper slowly & with some difficulty.
  • not much use for anything else

Electric Cutter

Electric cutter
  • effortless cutting of carpet, cardboard, cloth, floppy discs, etc
  • saves time & aching hands when lots of cutting is done
  • the Bosch Xeo claims to cut flexible materials upto 6mm thick
  • can cut things scissors won't, such as thin steel (it gets bent though)
  • can eat fingers easily

Pinking Shears

Pinking Shears
  • stops edges of fabric fraying

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