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There's much talk about replacing gas and oil with heat pumps. In every home in the UK!!

It's a huge task, needing an army of fitters. Seems that DIY-able persons will be much needed, or it'll never get done. Can we halp here with recruiting?

The plumbing, wiring and general building work isn't very hard, if a bit tedious. It's the design that is difficult, there's little latitude for error because the smaller amount of energy you'll be working with won't allow for inefficiency. You can't just over-size then throttle down. It'd be too expensive, also inefficient.

Govermnent will have to work through the energy giants. In turn they will have to re-train their gas fitters and hire thousands of new ones. They will have to batch-train them with a one-size-fits-all or a by-the-book strategy.

Seesm to me that DIY could give a better result. There are so many extra factors to consider and every home is unique, so DIY has a better chance. Don't think you need to leave it to the experts because they will probably not know more than you do, if you do a bit of research.

Hopefully this wiki will help spread the knowlege. See some example projects on [[1]]