The pipe bending spring

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(this slightly "tongue in cheek" tale highlights that using a bending spring with modern "half hard" copper pipe is not as easy as it was on the older softer thick wall fully annealed pipe)

So the question was asked:

"Would anyone be able to explain and provide tips on how to use one to get the desired effect for a first timer?"

  1. Buy tool.
  2. Discover it has no instructions.
  3. Buy DIY book on heating.
  4. Read instructions.
  5. Rip up old bedcover to make bending pads.
  6. Lightly oil spring.
  7. Discover it won't go into the pipe you cut with your nice new pipe cutter, you have to use a hacksaw.
  8. Insert in pipe.
  9. Wipe up blood from cut caused by raw end of pipe using the flux rag.
  10. Discover the flux really is acidic, scream a bit.
  11. Bend as instructed.
  12. Dislocate kneecap.
  13. Push kneecap back in place.
  14. Remember to bend a little too far and bend back a touch to ease tension on spring.
  15. Insert tool to rotate spring to remove it.
  16. Pull on spring.
  17. Knock over cup of tea, stand in flux tin.
  18. Swear several times.
  19. Tell (without moving teeth apart) wife/partner/neighbour/children you know what you are doing.
  20. Smash knuckles on wall as hand slips from pulling device.
  21. Bang pipe on floor several times.
  22. Saw off bent bit of pipe.  Use vice, angle grinder, several mole grips and welding torch to recover pipe bender.
  23. Repeat steps 6 to 22 until the pain and loss of blood gets too much or you run out of pipe.
  24. Throw away now mangled pipe spring (or use as garden gate closer).
  25. Buy a proper bending tool.