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Score & snap Machines

  • Cheap models tend to produce a lot of breakage
  • Better ones costing north of £30 don't suffer much unwanted breakage
  • Rubi Star received mixed reviews
  • Montolit - good & durable

Hand held scorers

Cintride tile scorer 2109-3.jpg

Diamond table saws



  • Does the job no problem
  • Some water spray but not a lot, even with the guard up
  • Comes with a 45 degree cutting tile holder
  • On off switch is a bit fiddly
  • Comes with an RCD plug
  • Fence has to be adjusted and clamped at both ends separately
  • The ruler strips that help you line the fence up aren't accurately positioned
  • The ruler strips peel off, this is really not helpful.
  • The steel table top rusts readily
  • More than powerful enough


  • clean accurate cuts
  • Plastic table doesn't rust
  • Have even been used to cut concrete slabs


  • Cuts cleanly
  • Plastic rip fence doesn't look orbust
  • Blade guard fouls cover of water bath, aqnd has to be removed each time to add water



Larger Diamond blade saws

"My Duhrer Teide Sliding table saw (snag at £60 and a day- trip from ebay) is very good, but not exactly a sensible buy new for anyone."

Manual saws

Rodsaw 1640-4.jpg

On uk.d-i-y the orange plastic hacksaws sold as tile saws were strongly criticised. An abrafile blade for an ordinary hacksaw was successful.


Good results have been had with a hand held grinder on thick marble tiles, using an expensive continuous rim Norton "hard material" blade against a straight edge. It left a good clean edge.

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