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UK DIY on Twitter?

You may have found this wiki via a post on Twitter... If so, welcome! Have a browse about and see if there is anything here to interest you. Pop along to our Main Page to get started.


Sometimes we get asked, "why do you spam twitter with so many links to your site?". Rest assured, we don't.

In fact the administrators and regular users of any of the UK DIY web sites or the newsgroup don't normally post links to twitter at all.

However there are a number of third party companies and individuals that take posts from the uk.d-i-y newsgroup (and other usenet groups), and repost excepts of them to twitter by automated means without permission. Typically this is done to promote their own usenet "gateway" web sites that replicate the content of a variety of usenet groups, and make them appear a little like a web based forum. No doubt they would claim this is a valuable public service, although the cynical might observe they also sell advertising alongside all the rich content which they are "acquiring" at no cost.

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