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Links that dont belong in any of our current subject categories.

2 stroke won't start

Animated Knots page

Excavating a basement with radio controlled models

Bay window curtain rails pt 1

curtain rails pt 2

Bedroom minimum size

Black shiny materials

Bramble clearing

Build a safe/firesafe

Cap for 380ml carts

Cat flap in wall

Cat flap review - chip type flaps

Cattle grid loads & road plates

Cavity walls in more depth

CO alarms

CO alarm lifetime limits

Constructing an artificial stream

Contaminated Land intro

Converting a garage - introduction to the issues

Curtains tracks when windows reach the ceiling

cyclone made from a tumble dryer

DAB radio

Digitizing 78s

Dirt cheap builder discussed lots of very low cost building methods

DIY car building

DIY surgery or DIY plumbing?

Dog house making

Early cavity walls

Expanding foam can re-use

2 extraction fans to one external vent

Fence posts

Funny toilet signs

GRP intro/tips


Illuminated signs

Labelling equipment fascias


Radon problem solving basics

Razor wire legality

Repair a cracked sink

Soft touch coating removal

Stop doors slamming

Scratching post making

Skin care: gloves & hand creams

small bridge building

Small engine troubleshooter

Suicide plasterers

Supply pipe insurance

Tree stump killing

Turntable of the big kind

Unusual ways to add a room to your house plus some unusual hotels

Vee belts, all about

Wall crack repair tape review

Washing line pole erection

Where you stand when surveyors mess up

Workshop in a cupboard (Machine translated from Spanish)

Petrol on a fire, why not

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