Bike stand repair

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The bike stand when new and pretty
The broken bits with the splint hammered into one end and ground down.

So the other day, I stood the push bike up on its prop stand, and it then promptly fell over.

A quick inspection of the stand showed it sporting a rather acute angle in the lower bit of its stand. Looks like metal fatigue finally got to it after one too many straightening attempts! (it is a fairly skimpy stand and quite a heavy bike)

The top section is an Ali tube, and the lower bit a 3/8" steel tube that slides into the top bit where it is retained with a small machine screw. Since the broken bit was steel, I thought that there might be scope for a repair.

So before splashing out another £7 for one from Amazon, I thought I would see if it could be repaired,,, All I needed was to find a bit of metal bar that I could stuff into the broken bits of tube to splint them together.

Ladderax the rescue

SWMBO had acquired some genuine '60 Ladderax from her dad, and a couple of weeks ago had asked if I could shorten some of the uprights so that they could be used close to a section of vaulted ceiling. So I chopped the top bit off a couple of them, remove section and then welded to top section back on...

The two bits splinted together, and some weld prep done with the flap disk.

I still had the offcuts laying about in the workshop and so wondered if one of the spare "rung" bars would work as a "splint" for the broken tube?

The diameter was a little too large, however chucking up a bit in the drill and working up and down it with a flap disc in the angle grinder soon sorted that.

Welded up

So I straightened and cleaned up the broken bits of tube, and then hammered the splint into one end. Cut off the bar leave a bit exposed, Tapered the end of that and fitted the other bit of stand. Gave that the same spinning flap disc treatment and had something ready to weld up.

A few fillets of weld later, and then another clean up with the flap disc, and we are back in business.

The final result - with a bit of luck it ought to be stronger than the original since the splint material will stretch right through the section that is gripped in the upper part of the stand.