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Bolt M6 5735-3.jpg

More bolt types will be added as and when. Please chip in!

Bolt types

Roofing bolt

Roofing bolt 5457-3.jpg
  • A particularly versatile pattern of bolt
  • Screwdriver drivable head
  • Drive the nut for the max possible torque
  • Usually used with square nuts

Coach bolt

Coach bolt 6in 3020-3.jpg
  • Despite the name, its a large coarse thread woodscrew.
  • Gives a far stronger fixing in wood than a regular sized woodscrew

Expanding bolt

Expanding bolt 5501-5.jpg
  • A bolt that expands on tightening.
  • Fixes into masonry - but not near edges, or it'll split the masonry.
  • Not as strong an attachment as a resin fixed bolt

J Bolt

A J shaped clamp

Chicago Bolt

Sex bolts 5496-2.jpg
  • Aka interscrew or sex bolt
  • One half is hollow, the 2 halves screw together
  • Mainly used for fixing kitchen cabinets together to keep them aligned and gap free
  • Available in all plastic, all metal or a mix.
  • Miniature ones used for stationery are called binding screws

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