British Gas WR1 Wireless System / Thermostat not talking to its receiver

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These wireless stats are/were often fitted by BG. They are probably rebadged Drayton Digistats. Alas they have an unfortunate failure mode that can cause the stat and the receiver module to become "unpaired".

The pairing procedure is, shall we say, not intuitive?

To fix this problem, follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure both battery compartments are out on the 'Wireless Display' and the screen has gone blank, takes about 2 mins to fade
  2. Check that the receiver red LED is on
  3. Push 'overide' button on the receiver once, the green LED should come on
  4. Push button 1 followed by 2 and hold them both depressed together Red LED will flash for 2 secs then go out (learn mode)
  5. Release both buttons Red and Green LED should now both be on
  6. Take the wireless display and hold it within sight of the receiver but more than one metre away
  7. Push in the right hand drawer, then the left (it must be done in this order) The red LED on the receiver will flash for 7 secs and then go out.

The green LED will remain on or off depending on the room temperature