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We now have 2 more junk files in the listing. How can they all be removed? NT 14:01, 20 April 2007 (BST)

My bad. I thought if I moved them to names which would appear at the end of an alphabetical listing it would put them out of the way, next best thing to deleting them altogether. I forgot that when you move a page the previous name becomes a redirect to the new one :-( So now we've got two of them - like the sorcerer's apprentice with the bloody buckets and brooms!
I think we need to get Grunff to give us admin rights to delete stuff properly.
--John Stumbles 21:52, 20 April 2007 (BST)
... and to block Mr Dodgypharmaceuticals! John Stumbles

OK he's done that: you and I are now superhero^H^H^Husers :-). I suggest we tread carefully with deleting things: AFAIK there's no way to get a deleted article back (gulp!). I guess if it's an article you or I have created and are the sole contributors to, and there's nothing linking to it, then we should just go ahead and delete it. I've done that with some pictures I uploaded but didn't want. Otherwise we could assign the category 'Pages for deletion' and rendezvous on the article's talk page to discuss it. Then I guess if it's something only we two have contributed to and nothing links to it then we can just do it e.g. if I say "let's delete Round Tuits" and you agree you just do it. If there are more contributors involved we should give the other parties time to respond if they're interested. ???

Perhaps you'd like to delete this page when you've read it. You can respond on my talk page which is on my watch list, and I could leave messages for you on yours. (Though it can get a bit disjointed if we respond on each other's talk pages so probably best to keep a thread going on the page we start on.)

--John Stumbles 15:41, 21 April 2007 (BST)