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(later) Me again. I might have cracked it. Found the "pages for deletion" category and re-written others, Still not sure what "main" and "DIYWiki" are for. Should projects be moved to the wiki, and will they still be seen in the main index?

Hello John. I'm still making even more of a mess, thinking of deleting everything ans re-starting! I don't seem to be able to change the title of my pages, I just keep re-directing them. Does it need administrator to do it? Some pages don't show me an editor at all, which dosen't help.

Normally you use the "more" menu entry to delete of move a page. (if you "move" a page to a new title, then that tends to leave a "redirect" page with the old title).

I'm trying to make a category tree running "Heating" sub-cat "Heat Pumps" (with Talk), sub-sub "Monobloc Air to Water small" and another sub-sub "Split Multipoint Air to Air small"

The sub-cat "Heat Pumps" seems to exist but I can't access it and I made a mistake-page "Heat pump" that I can't get rid of. Getting really annoyed, thinking of deleting all and start again - I presume I CAN delete my contribs?

Yup you can delete pages (don't think you need admin - although you may to be to delete without a trace!)
It might be you are trying to over complicate it (and to be fair there is probably clever stuff that can be done with nested categories that we don't tend to use much here).
Most organisation can be done with one overall category, then links between relevant articles with a "see also" section at the end. Sometimes an intermediate "top level" article can help that then links to more specific articles. (see the Central Heating article for example)
Note: I think the ability to use category trees is provided by an extension that we currently don't have installed - its not a standard mediwiki thing...

More, I don't understand the categories "Main" and "DIYWiki". Why do some have a "page" tab and some a "project" tab? Sometimes my contribs jsut don't show in the indexes either. I don't understand!

I have not checked but it might take a while before pages are indexed. I had not seen the project thing before, but it might just be what you get if you create an article with a prefix and a colon at the start of the title. So "Heat Pumps:ASHP" might create a "project" page called "Heat Pumps" (note I have not tried this yet - so just guessing!)

If you could shift stuff around for me I'd be grateful! I tried the page options, but didn't understand the "create category" method. Which way does it insert the new one, up or down? Thanks (P.S. no email on this PC, and the usenet wouldn't let me join).

The way I tend to use the category thing, is to just place the article into one. If it exists, then its added to the list of others in the same cat. If the cat does not exist, then adding you article to it also create the cat. I will have a play about with some of the articles and see what I can do.
Usenet does not need joining as such (although some news servers may require you to join to access them), however then all the newsgroups (there are thousands of them) are accessible if the news server carries the group. Take a look at [1] for example, and then follow the instructions on Newsgroup access tips#Setup_2 for setting up the server in a program like thunderbrd. If you want a quick'n'simple way to access the group try: [2]


Thanks for the neat graphic for the 2-port MOMO valve!

Don't suppose you fancy tackling the 3-port valve/Y-plan diagram ? ;-)

I actually did it in OOo draw (Open Office's VISIO-alike) but it came out a bit of a dog's dinner. (I've got the source file somewhere if you thought you could spruce it up.)

YAPH 05:53, 23 August 2009 (BST)

Yup, I did a couple of the easy ones. However the credit should go to Dave Osborne who did most of the better ones (all the Y/S/W Plan diags and their wiring diagrams). I will see what I can do with the other Y plan one.

--John Rumm 00:10, 24 August 2009 (BST

Nice Y-plan/3-port diagram - real work of art! A few points: I notice you've included the other resistor - I assume you ascertained where it goes? And don't take it from my diagram which way round the diode goes - I didn't know and just picked an orientation arbitrarily! (Though it shouldn't matter which way.)

Ah, well I thought it had better match our other depiction of the mid position valve here ;-)

I see you've coloured the diagram corresponding to the zone valve wire colours (except white). It might be useful to have them labelled too, to emphasise that they are actually the wire colours (and also so one can print out a copy in B&W and not lose that info).

Yup, could do that and add a note that the colours are not totally "fixed" and may vary between makers.

To my brain it would make it easier to follow the control flow to have live, neutral and boiler+pump arranged so

Live >-------------+
          |                   |
          |                   |
          |     schematic     |------>  SWL 
          |                   |
          |                   |        Boiler
          +-------------------+       (+ pump)
Neutral >-----------+---------------->   N

Yup, could do. I wanted to get the IO at the sides, and was trying to group the mains in to be "close". Will see what I can do. --John Rumm 02:23, 27 August 2009 (BST)

Do you want to upload Bill's picture disc somewhere? I might look thru one day. Rapidshare et al with a password would work. NT 15:59, 22 June 2013 (BST)

Yup, I could stick some of them up somewhere (there are 4gig of them!), but he asked me not to redistribute the whole disc since it has commercially valuable stuff on it. I was also planning on uploading a batch of "might be handy" images to the wiki shortly - feel free to find homes for them in appropriate articles. --John Rumm 00:20, 23 June 2013 (BST)