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  • Damp proof membrane
  • flexible plastic sheet resists flow of water & water vapour
  • Built into walls & floors to keep them dry
  • Non roll materials have also been used for this, such as slate, bitumen,

Radon barrier

  • Prevents ingress of radioactive Radon gas
  • Required in new build in some locations

Landscaping fabric

  • weed barrier
  • Water permeable
  • Blocks light
  • much reduces weed growth in new landscaping


Underlay 4514-3.jpg
  • Used under carpets
  • Makes the carpet feel softer underfoot
  • Corrugated rubber
  • crumb rubber
  • other underlays exist too

Roofing felt

Roof felt
  • several types available
  • Bitumen based felts stiffen in cold weather
  • usually fixed with bitumen adhesive or clout nails

Roofing underthingy

  • Various types available


  • Uses:
    • dust sheet
    • minimum cost tarpaulin for light duty temporary use
    • minimum cost lower performance vapour barrier
  • polythene does not last well outdoors
  • Polythene greenhouses use greenhouse grade polythene. This has some UV resistance and can last 4 years.


  • Temporary outdoor covering
  • Covering trucked goods
  • Useful for outdoor building materials, damaged roofs, etc
  • Eyes for roping down
  • Various grades available

Soffit mesh

  • Keeps the birds & bees out
  • Also available in metal

Barricade Fence

  • Coarse perforated orange plastic sheet
  • Keeps people away from hazards
  • High visibility
  • Use with metal fencing pins or posts

Scaffold Netting

  • Plastic netting
  • Prevents things falling on pedestrians


  • Tie down


  • many uses



Perforated band

  • General purpose flat perforated band
  • can be screwed or nailed to attach building materials permanently
  • there are 2 different thicknesses popularly sold, lighweight & heavier duty

EML for Wall reinforcement

  • Narrow roll of EML for reinforcing walls, apx 4" wide
  • Include it in the mortar bed
  • Galvanised rusts eventually
  • Useful for garden walls prone to vandalism

Chicken Wire

  • Fencing
  • Staple it to wood posts
  • Other mesh sizes than chicken also available
  • Other mesh patterns available
  • Other finishes available, eg plastic coated

Iron wire

  • Main article
  • 1mm wire is good for light fixing tasks only
  • 2mm wire is good for many light to medium fixing jobs indoors, and may be bent into various implements
  • Wire coathangers provide apx 3mm wire for tougher jobs

Galvanised Wire

Aluminium Foil

  • Used as vapour barrier
  • Used with insulation to reflect IR, eg behind radiators
  • Can be glued with PVA
  • Supermarket cooking foil is a low price readily available source
  • Corrodes quickly if damp
  • Often corrodes if in contact with steel


Reed Roll

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